Current Sermon Series

Sermon Series

Winter Sermon Series: Community…I’ll Be There for You

January 13

  • Sermon title: “The one with Thank You, Next”
  • Scripture: John 1:1-5, 14

January 20

  • Sermon title: “The One about God and Me”
  • Scripture: Psalm 63:1-8

January 27

  • Sermon title: “The one about the blindfold”
  • Scripture: Luke 10:25-37

February 3

February 10

February 17

  • Sermon title: “The one about dealing with a mess”
  • Scripture: Matthew 5:21-26

February 24

  • Sermon title: “The One about Community”
  • Scripture: Acts 2:42-47

March 3 – Transfiguration Sunday/Holy Communion

 Sermon Series

Lenten Sermon Series Coming March 10: Say What??? Taking a Second Look at the Teachings of Jesus

Jesus was not just an excellent teacher, he was a provocative one. Over time, with familiarity, the teachings of Jesus have been tamed and made nice, hiding the revolutionary and crucifiable Christ. Whether it was taking teachings they already had heard and giving them a twist or creating a critique on the religious, social and political culture of his day, Jesus taught with an “edge.” The readings and sermons for Lent will take us to that edge and have us all asking “Say What???” The music of these services will be beautiful and stirring, as we journey toward the cross. Who is that friend, relative or neighbor you would like to invite to these services?

March 10

  • Sermon title: “Signs from Heaven”
  • Scripture: Mark 8:1-13

March 17

  • Sermon title: “The Competition”
  • Scripture: Mark 9:38-41

March 24

  • Sermon title: “Children in Church”
  • Scripture: Mark 10:13-16

March 31

April 7

  • Sermon title: “In Memory of Her”, Holy Communion
  • Scripture: Mark 14:1-11