Vision 2025

In February 2019, we began implementing Vision 2025, a strategic plan to build intentional community for superb Christian formation to reach the next generation. Our keys to success are operational awesomeness (the nuts and bolts of facilities, staffing, communications and security) and financial freedom. Here is an update on progress so far:

Intentional Community: We’re growing the impact and quality of ministry in the name of Christ!
1. 19 new LifeGroups, including 5 starting next month.
2. Jodi Marfell is now serving as our Director of Connecting Ministries, coordinating how we welcome and involve guests and help everyone find their sense of place.
3. Patricia Collins now serves as Director of Hospitality and is responsible for fostering an environment that graciously welcomes guests. Patricia also provides administrative support for ministries and programs.

Superb Christian Formation:
1. An initiative between children’s and student ministries, and children’s and youth music to work to further build principled, Christ-centered and transformative leaders.
2. Developing a new generation of Bible Study to track alongside DISCIPLE and other Bible Study efforts.
3. Camp Eagle participation continues to build among our middle school and senior high students, fostering the development of a vibrant and deeper faith in Christ. Also, ask our youth about C3 (a special breakfast outreach).
4. Leadership of our congregation on committees, task forces, and ministry efforts is growing.

Reaching the Next Generation in Mission:
1. International missions this year include Guatemala, Malawi, Panama, and Sierra Leone.
2. Regional missions continue through Sr. High Mission Trip and Disaster Response and VIM (Volunteers in Mission) efforts. Two years after Hurricane Harvey, we still have teams making regular trips to the coast to lend aid.
3. Local missions include the WorldVision 5K in partnership with other churches and we are developing a broader partnership with our schools through the Education Connection and other programs.

Operational Awesomeness: Steps toward greater impact and quality of ministry in the name of Christ
1. The Communications Team is focusing its efforts in the areas of AV/Tech and Website/Social Media. A new church website will launch later this fall.
2. Updating the communications infrastructure at First Church is a priority for 2019 as it impacts all ministry areas. More information on that is coming in October.
3. Facilities improvement continues with more funding and planning for preventative maintenance.
4. Security enhancements in 2019 have included additional training and equipment for medical emergencies. These enhancements await the communication upgrades.
5. The upgrading of our software to support all areas of ministry.

Financial Freedom:
1. Clear and regular communication efforts are being made for how money is raised and spent.
2. A new task force is taking a longer look at finances including the establishment of a strategy for Debt Reduction.
3. We have officially created a First Church Permanent Endowment Fund that helps secure funding through wills and legacy gifts. We will be introducing that early next year.

The people of First Church have a bold vision. Thank you for helping to make the vision come true!

Strategic Vision