I Promise…Stewardship Campaign 2018

Pledge Campaign

I Promise…Embracing What Matters

by Dr. Will Cotton, Senior Pastor

For the past two years and four months, it has been my holy privilege to serve as your Senior Pastor. I have been blessed by your warmth and care, astonished by your giftedness, and encouraged by your heart for reaching people both inside and beyond our congregational walls. Thank you!

We have just finished the rollout of Vision 2025 with three main priorities:
Building intentional community through a strong follow-up with guests, enhancing and expanding our worship services, and creating a network of home-based LifeGroups.
Superb spiritual formation through a combined effort of children’s, youth and music ministries to develop confident and Christ-centered servant leaders, a renewed emphasis on Biblical Studies for adults, and the careful equipping of a new generation of leaders of all ages for service inside and outside the Church.
Reaching the next generation through our local, regional and international villages, as well as through faith sharing and standing alongside those in need. I am excited. As we gather on Sunday mornings, you can just feel the Spirit moving among us, ready to empower God’s next new thing. Isaiah 43:19

In our stewardship effort, we have been considering our five-dimensional commitment to the Church. “We will be loyal to the United Methodist Church and uphold it with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness.” Building on prayer and presence, we now are looking at our gifts…our financial commitments to Christ in the ministry of the Church. The generosity of the people of First Church is beautiful to behold. Wherever need is shown, you have outresponded: Hurricane Harvey relief, the First Match effort to provide funding for security, air conditioning and care for our grounds, and the strong support of our budget that funds our ministries, maintains our facilities and supports our dedicated and gifted staff.

Now the Finance Committee is gathering to build our budget for ministry in 2019 and your help is needed. The commitments we make help them build a budget that is both faithful to God and true to our available resources. The biblical standard for giving is the tithe (or 10%). Tina and I have been tithers for many years. It is the second biggest check we write, right below our mortgage. We have had to grow to that level, but have discovered that it really is true that you can’t outgive God. The challenge by our Finance Committee and pastors is that this would be the year when many would step up to 5%, and then grow toward tithing. If that’s too far for this year, what could you step up to? Each step forward enables us to be in a stronger giving and receiving relationship with God and each step forward means more ministry is able to happen in and through First Church.

Commitment Sundays: November 11, 18 and 25

During worship, in each of the next three Sundays, November 11, 18 and 25, we will be receiving commitments. Commitment brochures will be available from our ushers and they will be brought forward during each of our services. You also can make your commitment online through myFirstChurch  on our First Church website. Tina and I look forward to making our commitments alongside you. God is up to something wonderful at First Church and our giving is a major way we participate in what God is doing. Thanks again for your partnership in reaching the world for Christ.

How to pledge through myFirst Church

  • Log in to myFirstChurch, or if you don’t already have an account, click here for complete details about how to establish your myFirst Church account.
  • Once you have logged into your account, go to My Overview on your homepage.
  • Scroll down below the calendar to a box titled My Giving Summary.  In the lower right corner, click on the button marked Pledge Now.
  • When the pledge page opens, you may enter the amount, fund, frequency, and dates for your pledge. When finished, click Save or Save and Set-up Online Gift.

If you need assistance, contact Tricia Gossett at 512.255.3336.