Sprucing up the Parsonage


Calling all talented volunteers to help us spruce up the church parsonage

Do you think sawdust is a condiment? Are you handy with a hammer and saw? Do you measure twice and cut once? Are you a skilled painter like Picasso? Do others marvel at your green thumb? Do you possess great attention to detail?

If you answered Yes! to any of the above questions, you are a strong candidate to help prepare the church parsonage for our new Associate Pastor, Rev. David Johnson’s, arrival on June 22!

Volunteers needed for the following projects:

  • Carpenters to install batting and trim boards to exterior siding
  • Painters to apply primer to new exterior siding
  • Expert caulkers to apply caulk to exterior siding once the primer is applied
  • Heavy duty cleaners to clean behind and beneath the washer, dryer, stove, etc.
  • Painters to apply paint south steps, railings, and stair rails
  • Workers to scrape green exterior siding and batting
  • Individuals to prepare the exterior of the house for painting
  • Painters to apply paint to the exterior of the house (siding, batting, and trim work)
  • Carpenters to repair and install house skirting and repair the wooden fence
  • Tree specialists to tackle small tree stumps in landscape beds
  • Gardeners to spruce up current landscape and prepare the beds for an update

Individuals to prepare the interior walls for new paint (cover cabinetry and furniture, tape edges of woodwork, light fixtures, and window frames; protect the tile floors; carefully safeguard the newly finished wood floors and stairs; etc.)

  • Eleventh Commandment: No tape whatsoever should be applied to the refinished floors!
  • Spacklers to correct holes from picture hangers and other décor items
  • Neat painters to prime and paint interior walls while carefully protecting the floors
  • Gardeners to install new landscape materials and plants
  • Plant lovers to monitor the health of new landscape and water as needed until established
  • Outstanding cleaning crew to prepare the parsonage for its new resident

If you are willing and able to assist with any of the above opportunities, please contact David Riskind at David.riskind@gmail.com and/or 512.567.6256 to learn more about your assignment(s).