Opportunities to Serve: Inside…Outside


As we offer ourselves in ministry both inside and outside the walls of the church, we will follow Christ more closely not just on Sunday, but even more on the other six days.

Opportunities to Serve & Volunteer: Inside…Outside

This form provides an opportunity to select area(s) in which you would like to volunteer and serve…Inside and Outside the church.

  • Ministry Inside – Worship & Music Ministries

    Sing in choirs during the 8:30 and/or 11 am worship services.

    Ringing in one of our handbell choirs.

    Playing in orchestra during worship services.

    Praise Band participates in 9:40 am CrossRoads worship service.

  • Ministry Inside – Hospitality

    Provide hospitality for new people at the Visitor Centers and around campus.

  • Ministry Inside – Care Ministry

  • Ministry Inside – Children's Ministry

  • Ministry Inside – Student Ministry

  • Ministry Inside – Adult Education

  • Ministry Inside – Other

  • Ministry Outside

    Organization marked with an asterisk is a Friend of First Church, a partner organization that includes other churches. By checking this organization, you give the church permission to pass your information along to the named organization.

    Mission within a 25 mile radius of Round Rock.

    Mission in Santiago, Panama with UM missionaries David and Cindy Ceballos.

    All mission we do outside Round Rock and Panama.

    Join a group that is involved in mission. More information is available on the church website.