Serve in Worship

Serve During Worship


Serve once per month 30 minutes prior to the worship of your choice and 10 minutes following the service by offering a warm smile and friendly welcome to our many guests and members.  Contact Sara Gaetjens.

Andrew Minister

Serve once per month during Sunday worship services by assisting our newest visitors in finding their way on campus and into the life of the church.  This role takes greeter hospitality one step further by offering folks help in locating Sunday School and Nursery, find answers to questions, and collect information for staff follow up.  It’s not about knowing all the answers.  Andrew Ministry is about offering a warm smile, a genuine welcome, and a connection to our newest folks.  Andrew Ministers are given training.  Contact Connie Fitzpatrick.


Serve once per month during a worship service of your choice.  Ushers do the important work before and during services of handing out bulletins, directing worshipers to their seats, collecting offering plates, and directing flow during communion services.  Training is provided!  Contact Jodi Marfell at

Communion Server

Serve as you’re available on Communion Sundays in the worship service of your choice.  Serving communion is a simple yet holy experience.  When you sign up as a server, you will receive an email once per month with a link to sign up.  If you are available, you sign up to serve either bread or cup.  Training and instructions are provided.  Contact Jodi Marfell at

Tech Team

Do you have special skills related to computers, photography, video, or running a sound/light board? If so, we have numerous serving opportunities for which you might be well suited. Contact Chris Burton.