My First Church

What is myFirstChurch?

myFirstChurch is an exciting, new way to connect with your community at First United Methodist Church. At myFirstChurch you can:

  • update your contact information
  • register for events
  • check church calendars
  • view a church directory
  • find groups to join, all online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

You can also manage your giving:

  • give online
  • monitor your giving account
  • obtain year-end giving statements.

How do I access myFirstChurch?

myFirstChurch is an internet based system that uses a secure login and password for access. There is also a handy phone app so you can do all this from your smartphone.

How do I get a login and a password? It’s easy!

  1. Just the click the button at on the right side of the top menu bar on the church website.
  2. Then click on the Need a login? link and enter your email address and first and last name. Note: If you have recently registered for an event you may already have a login and password.
  3. myFirstChurch will send you an email with a link to log in and set your password after it verifies that you are in the church database.
  4. Once you have a login you can use myFirstChurch at any time day or night.

myFirstChurch will first verify that you are in the church database and then send you an email with a link to log in and set your password. Once you have a login you can use myFirstChurch at any time day or night.

If you encounter problems, we may not have your correct email in the church database, so please call the church office, 512.255.3336, or email Membership Secretary, Tricia Gossett at to update your email address.

I’m logged in. Now what?

  • Under the Home tab, take a look at My Overview. You can customize My Overview so that you see the things that are important to you. We invite you to explore and find all the ways that myFirstChurch can help you connect at First Church.
  • Under the Home tab, click My Profile, then you can indicate preferences in a number of areas. Would you prefer to be contacted by phone, email or text? You can indicate that. Do you have more than one email address? You can indicate your preferred address. Upload a favorite photo. Check out all the possibilities.
  • myFirstChurch offers lots of opportunities to connect with and explore life at First Church. Play around and see what it’ll do. The more we use it, the more people that sign on, the better we’ll connect together. So explore and share it with your friends.

How do I access information on the go?

churchlifeapplogoOnce you have a login and password on myFirstChurch, you can download the ACS Church Life App on your phone from the Apple or Android app store. It is a free app. Once you download it, you will enter your login and password.

  • If you are out and about and want to know a member’s phone number…look it up on the Church Life app.
  • Want to know what room your group is meeting in tonight…look it up on the Church Life app.
  • Your phone number or email address has changed…go to the Church Life app and update your information.
  • Register for an event
  • Give to First Church

How does myFirstChurch protect my security?

All transactions on myFirstChurch are encrypted between the users and myFirstChurch. Firewalls and intrusion detection software block unauthorized access.

Users must sign in with a valid login and password. When signing in for the first time, you must enter your first name, last name and email address. This information must match your information in the church database. If it doesn’t, you have to call or email personally to have it changed. The member is then sent an email with their login id and unique password. Because the email goes to the member in the database, not the person attempting to sign in, this keeps people from being able to sign in as someone else.

Who can see information on myFirstChurch?

Only the registered user has access to his/her information and it requires a login and password for access. Secondly, you can control what directory information is displayed to members in myFirstChurch. Under the Home tab, click My Account, then Account Settings, then Personal Preferences to set guidelines for your Family and/or Individual information.

What if I lose or forget my password?

Click Forgot your Password or Forgot your Username on the login screen. If you have questions, call the church office, 512.255.3336.

Can I reset my password?

Yes! Once you have logged in, under the Home tab, click My Account, then Account Settings to change your password. If you have questions, call the church office, 512.255.3336.

How can I manage my giving?

You can find detailed information about online giving on our giving page. Or call the church, 512.255.3336, to speak directly to someone in the finance office.