We believe that church isn’t simply something that happens for a few hours on Saturday and Sundays, but rather it is a way of life. The true power of the church is when we are sent out into the world, to our diverse lives, empowered to live out our faith.  Our various forms of media are created to help you connect and grow from home, work, in play, and in rest.


On the video page, you will find both the latest and archived sermons. Because we have two preaching pastors week to week, you will find that each week there are two videos.  In addition, there are videos of First Church Worship Arts including highlights from our Music and Handbell Ministries.  Find videos here.


Podcasts have quickly become a primary means of taking in information and entertainment on the go.  First Church produces two weekly sermon podcasts, one for each preacher’s sermon.  You will also find special podcast series that go along with a particular sermon series or church focus.  And occasionally, we use the podcast format to make special announcement of a church-wide nature.  Find podcasts here.


Church-wide news is released weekly through two formats:  a Friday email newsletter and our Connections publication available on Sunday mornings.  You can also sign up to receive ministry-specific email newsletters.  Find newsletters here.