Leadership Retreat


Be Strong & Courageous!
Join us for the 2019 Leadership Retreat

All are invited to this inspiring and informative event in the Family Life Center on Saturday, January 26. The emphasis for this year is the first part of our mission statement: “To boldly spread the love of God in Jesus Christ.” Breakfast and registration will begin at 8:30 am. The opening session will begin at 9 am. Highlights will include:
Vision 2025 – Next Great Steps in 2019

  • Launching the first wave of LifeGroups
  • Local Village emphasis in Outreach
  • New spiritual leadership training
  • Development of a strategy for greater financial strength at First Church

Recognition of Leaders

Reports from our Administrative Committees

  • SPRC
  • Trustees
  • Finance (including adoption of the 2019 Budget)

An inspiring presentation by Dr. Tommy Darwin, Professor for Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas

Lunch and Sharing of Ideas

Inaugural Meetings for Administrative Committees

So that we have plenty of food and materials, please register online.