Lay Leadership

Lay Leadership/LEADFirst

Leadership Education and Development at First Church, or LEADFirst is charged with the identifying, developing, training, and deploying Christian spiritual leadership within our congregational community. In conducting its work, the committee engages in biblical and theological reflections on the total ministry and mission of the church and tries to identify those persons who hold the spiritual gifts necessary, as well as showing the fruits of those gifts, in order that the leadership ranks of the congregation might be best served.

The committee is composed of nine persons who are full members of First Church who are elected to their positions at charge conference. The committee is led by our two Lay Leaders and the senior pastor. 2017 Chair: Rob Putney.

jimruthChurch Council
The church council is the group of elected leaders who guide and further the ministry of the congregation. The council exists to create and supervise the strategic plan for an effective congregation.

Membership on the church council is determined by election at charge conference each year on recommendation of the LEADFirst Committee. Members serve three year terms in three rotating classes. However, this is an open meeting and all are invited to attend. 2017 Chair: Jim Ruth.


stevehaymanFinance Committee
The Finance Committee is a body of nine elected members who serve three year terms. The committee oversees the submission of the yearly budget to the Church Council, is charged with developing and implementing plans that will raise sufficient income to meet that operational budget and then to administer the funds as directed by the instructions of the church council. All members of the Committee and its officers are bonded financial representatives for the congregation. 2017 Chair: Steve Hayman.



Staff Parish Relations Committee
The Staff Parish Relations Committee is one of the principal administrative committees of a United Methodist Church. The main duties of the committee relate to personnel and staffing, including setting priorities, establishing responsibilities, evaluating performance, overseeing matters pertaining to salaries, benefits, continuing education, and working with the District Superintendent and Bishop on clergy appointments.

Our SPR Committee consists of nine elected members who serve for three-year terms and also includes our lay leaders and one representative lay delegate to Annual Conference. 2017 Chair: Jamie Fickey.


The trustees have oversight for all facilities, grounds, maintenance, risk management, accessibility and security issues. 2017 Chair: Lucretia Lehrmann.