Jesse Tree Workshop

Jesse Tree Workship

Children’s Ministry is offering a Jesse Tree workshop in November! The “Jesse Tree”, or connection of Jesus with the house of Jesse can be found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. The goal of this workshop is to create 25 wood ornaments to go along with a booklet of stories for the 25 days starting with the first day of Advent and finishing on Christmas Day.

On November 3, the blank wood ornaments and iron on transfer designs will be distributed to registered participants. There will be irons and boards available for adults to start ironing the designs onto the wood ornaments. Participants will take their ornaments home to color with their children. On November 17, participants can bring their colored in ornaments to spray them with acrylic clear coat and add some crochet yarn to create loops to hang the ornaments.

During Advent, families will read the scriptures associated with each ornament and hang on their own family tree or garland.

The cost of supplies for each set of ornaments will be $17. Click to sign up.