Hygiene Kits

The United Methodist Commission on Relief (UMCOR) has shared that there is a great need for hygiene kits along the border areas. Hygiene kits provide the basic necessities for people who are transient and seeking asylum.

The First Church Missions and Outreach Leadership Team invites interested Sunday school classes and other groups and individuals to support this effort by making hygiene kits. Instructions for the kits are below; please note the instructions much be followed exactly. Hygiene kits may be dropped off at the church office no later than July 8.

For questions, please contact Kristi Lee at kristilee103@gmail.com or at (512)773-2889.

Hygiene Kit Value: $12 per kit

  • One hand towel (15 x 25 –17 x 27 inches).. No kitchen, cleaning, or microfiber towels.
  • One washcloth. No kitchen, cleaning, or microfiber towels.
  • One comb. Must be sturdy with at least 6 inches of teeth. No pocket combs or picks. Rattail and combs without handles are acceptable but must have at least 6 inches of teeth.
  • One toenail or fingernail clipper. No emery boards or metal nail files.
  • Bath-size soap (3 oz. bar or larger). No Ivory or Jergen’s soap. Do not remove from packaging.
  • One adult toothbrush. Do not remove from packaging. Personal advertising not acceptable.
  • 10 adhesive bandages (¾ by 3 inches). Common household bandages acceptable.
  • One one-gallon size resealable bag.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Lay hand towel flat on a table.
  2. Lay the washcloth in the center of the hand towel.
  3. Place all remaining items on top of the washcloth (except the plastic bag).
  4. Fold the sides of the hand towel to cover the items.
  5. Grasp the bundle tightly and roll over the remainder of the towel.
  6. Place the tightly rolled bundle in the plastic bag, remove air, and seal.

Important Notes: All items must be new. Do not wash any of the items as they will no longer be considered new. Do not include any personal notes, money or additional materials in the kits. Contents of kits or the containers of kits should not be imprinted with cartoon characters, advertisements, religious, patriotic, military or camouflage symbols.

Thank you for serving others in this way.