Summer Events

Summer Mission Trips

Each summer we take our students on trips that focus on service.  This year our High School Students are going to Mississippi.  Although our work projects aren’t known yet, in the past our students have worked on projects ranging from fencing to roofing.  Our Middle School Students stay in state, going to Brackettville, and will likely work on less strenuous projects like wheel chair ramp building and painting.



Camp Eagle

What is Camp Eagle:  Camp Eagle, located in Rock Springs, is quickly becoming a favorite activity among both our students and volunteers.  Believing that integrating spiritual themes throughout the different activities delivers the most impact, Camp Eagle ties everything that campers do back to the Biblical principles that they want the students to learn.  Our students rave about the spiritual impact Camp Eagle has on their lives. Recently, one of our student came back from our High School session saying that Camp Eagle had “inspired (her) to change habits in her everyday life to focus more on God.”  Another student described Camp Eagle as “adventure filled with God’s love!” We love to hear about our students deepening their faith and growing in their relationship with Christ. We are also excited to watch how the Camp Eagle experience strengthens and enhances the relationships between our students.  The team building activities, the worship and even just the hanging out together helps build community within our group of students. One of our students put it simply as he responded that Camp Eagle was the “BEST WEEK of my LIFE!”
When is Camp Eagle:    High School – July 14-19, 2019
Middle School –  August 2-7, 2019
$475 for High School Students and
$400  for Middle School Students

Registration: HERE