Student Ministry

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Our Goals

We would love to get to know and serve your student and your family!

At First United Methodist Church- Round Rock, we are trying to focus our programming around the following goals:
-We want to provide opportunities for students to develop their faith and grow in their Biblical knowledge.
-We want to help students recognize and develop their gifts and talents through service within our program and throughout the greater community.
-We want to build a community that makes students feel safe, loved and like they belong.

Sunday Mornings

Most Sunday mornings we offer Sunday School for all students 6-12th grade at 9:40 am.  Usually, the Middle School students are in classes by their grade and there is one unified High School Class.  These classes explore Biblically based lessons while building community within the group.

Sunday Worship:

We encourage our students to worship with their families during our 8:30, 9:40 or 11:00 am Worship Services.

Sunday Evenings

Join us each week for fellowship, worship, games and small groups during the school year. We meet Sunday evenings at 5:30pm for an optional $3 snack dinner, outdoor games and fellowship as a large group.  At 6:00pm, following snack supper, we have games, Worship, with student lead music and a message, and then students break in to their small groups for diving deeper into scripture and building relationships. Worship and small groups Students can be dropped off and picked up in the circle drive on the north side of the sanctuary.  Friends are always welcome!

Wednesday Evenings

For Middle School Students: We offer a Mentor-ship Program. The program begins at 6:30 with a fellowship and snack time. At 6:45 we will have gender specific bible studies led by High School students. Leading our girls study will be Shelby McDonald (Senior at RRHS) and Emily Jones (Sophomore at RRHS). They will walk the girls through the bible as it applies to topics Middle School girls are facing (stress, anxiety, peer pressure, friendships). Leading our guys study will be Miller Burgess (Senior at RRHS) and Keegan McDonnell (Junior at RRHS). It is a great opportunity for your student to grow in their faith and build a role model type relationship with an older teen. It ends at 7;45 pm. Register HERE.
For High School Students: We offer an in-depth Bible study for students looking to deepen their faith. This program is lead by Diane Bouchard and Beth Wade and runs from 8:00-9:00 pm.


Each Spring students who are in 7th grade and 8th grade have the opportunity to go through Confirmation classes and learn to explore what it means to be a Christian, key Biblical principles, and the United Methodist Church.  Through the Confirmation journey, students learn what it means to be responsible for their own faith and ultimately claim their faith as their own.

Youth Band:

We have a team of Student Musicians that provide the worship music for our IGNITE Services.  If you have a student interested, contact Taylor Ory at

Youth Choir:

Youth Choir is open to all youth from 6th-12th grades.  This ensemble sings a variety of musical styles during the 8:30 and 11:00am morning worship services every 4-6 weeks and at special events.  You can read more about it here.

Events and Activities

Throughout the year we have different events and activities for students.  We have weekend-long events and hour-long events.  We have events focused on fun and events focused on service.  Upcoming events can be found on our Calendar page.

Our Staff

Jodi Marfell
of Student Ministries

Taylor Ory
Assoc. Director
of Student Ministries

Gretchen Blair
Student Ministries