Walk of Faith


Elementary Sunday School

Walk of Faith is our adaptation of the Workshop Rotation Model, which enhances the Sunday School experience for children in 1st through 5th grades.  These classes meet in the Adkins’ Education Building (5) upstairs at the west end of the hallway from 9:40 to 10:40 am. Walk of Faith is designed so that children learn the same scripture and Bible story over a one month period in a different classroom or environment each week. Kindergarten children also experience four to five different workshop lessons each rotation. Their classes meet each Sunday in Building 2, Suite A. The children are assigned to either room 2 or 3 determined by the child’s first initial of the last name.

Walk of Faith logoEach Walk of Faith workshop room offers an environment where volunteers teach in areas where they are gifted and talented.  Adults interested in cooking or science can share talents in Bread of Life or Matter of Faith. As a teacher, volunteers teach the same lesson to a different class for four to five weeks.  Volunteers are also needed to serve as shepherds to welcome the children to class, help with attendance, mission information, and memory verses.  Unlike the teachers, who remain in one room, shepherds will follow the same group of children each week so they can develop relationships with that particular class.

Parents are asked to complete a 2019-2020 registration each year for each child in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Once your child’s form is received, his/her name will be added to the class sign in sheets.  These registration forms are available in the Walk of Faith Hallways all summer!  One form per family.  One media release per child.

***Parents, please walk your children up to their classroom and sign them in.   We want to keep all children safe!   Thank you!

Please contact children@fumc-rr.org for more information.

Children in Walk of Faith will be learning about the Armor of God this summer.   Classrooms will continue to rotate, but the lessons will be similar for all grades.   Please see the boards in the hallways for the rotation schedules.
Promotion Sunday was May 26th, 2019 for children who completed kindergarten- 5th Grade.   All children entering 1st through 5th grade in the fall will go to the new grade for the summer.  Promotion for preschool is in August 18, 2019.    There is not a kindergarten Sunday School class for the summer.
 More volunteers are always needed when we have full classrooms (and we LOVE full classrooms!)  Please contact Tammy@fumc-rr.org if you can give even one Sunday/month to teach or shepherd.  All materials are provided.  You can check the hallway bulletin boards when you arrive to know where to go!

Children's Mission

Children’s Ministry Missions

God wants us to help care for other people, animals, and our world.  With our offering each Sunday we can do just that! Our new mission is to bring items to give to the Texas Humane Heroes. They are a place dogs and cats go that need a home. Texas Humane Heroes helps get the animals healthy and happy so they can get adopted. The shelter is only run by donations people give them, whether it is actual items the animals need or a money donation.