Ten new LifeGroups have launched. Registration is now closed for this round. We will announce another LifeGroups registration later this year.


Experience Love. Spread Hope. Share Random Acts of Kindness.


Random Acts of KindnessThere are three main components to a thriving LifeGroup: deep relationships, spiritual growth, and acts of service. Each one of these components requires letting go of oneself and acts of love. This week we challenge each one of you to step outside of your normal routine and show love within the community by doing random acts of kindness. On Sunday there will be First Church cards available for you to pick up so you can give these to the persons that you perform acts for.

Here are a couple of examples:
• Pay for the coffee or food for the person behind you in the drive-thru.
• Buy a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store and ask the clerk to give them to the next mom she sees with young kids.
• Leave a gift card at the pharmacy with the clerk and ask them to use it to pay for a prescription for a person in need.
• Order dessert for a table that a veteran, active military or first responder is eating at.

Be sure to have whoever is helping you with your act to keep your identity a secret and to give the person a First Church card.

Have fun and pray for each person that you impact that they will feel the love of God!

LifeGroups are small groups that join together for spiritual growth, study and mission. They generally have 8-16 members. We believe launching additional LifeGroups will add to the DNA of our church by bringing people closer together and closer to Christ. Jesus modeled how to be people transformed by love as he lived in community with his disciples. We seek to follow his perfect example more closely. As we begin, LifeGroups will meet weekly at one of the members’ homes for 8 weeks and use a provided curriculum. We pray that you will see the blessings of being part of this close-knit community and will try it for the entire 8-week period.

LifeGroups…Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LifeGroup? A LifeGroup is an authentic community of persons supporting, challenging and loving one another into mature disciples of Christ. Rich relational connections are created within the group by centering the group on spiritual growth dialogue and serving together.

How are LifeGroups different from Biblical Study Groups? While these may not be true for all Biblical Study groups and LifeGroups, in general, these are the noted differences:

Biblical Study Groups Life Groups
    • Led by a teacher, instructor or leader
  • Lesson oriented, the session is primarily listening and learning.
  • Typically larger (over 20)
  • Group will study/learn the Bible
  • Persons come and go to the group.
    • Facilitator led.
    • Discussion oriented, the session is primarily dialogue.
    • Small in size (8-12).
    • Discussion of the Bible for life application and transformation.
    • Becomes a covenant group, the possibility of being closed.
    • Persons committed to the spiritual development/support of others in the group.
    • Goal is spiritual Growth to create mature disciples who can then make other disciples
  • Praying partners

What do we do at our first meeting? The church will provide a curriculum for the first eight weeks.

Where do facilitators find people for the group they facilitate? We will have a website for people to sign up, but group facilitators are welcome to recruit members.

How many persons are in a group? 8-12

Where/When do we meet? Who decides this? The facilitator will set the when/where for the first meeting. The group then can work out the best meeting time. LifeGroups will meet weekly for the first eight weeks.

How long will the group meet? The groups will meet as long as they feel called to gather.

What if we have child care needs in the group? Please contact Rev. David Johnson,, if child care is a concern for the group or you plan on providing your own.

Current LifeGroups

Here is a rundown of all of our current LifeGroups. Be praying for this exciting development in our ministry!

These are our current LifeGroups:

  • Parents with Purpose –  Parents are still the primary spiritual developers of children, so this study will provide a supportive community for learning how to do that.  11 am on Sundays in Adkins Education Bldg. 5, room 148.
  • LAKERS (Life After Kids…) – For parents of youth in late high school to young adults just out of college, this small group offers support, study and fellowship. 11 am on Sundays in Adkins Education Bldg. 5, room 124.
  • Love Does – We are an all-ages group that splits our time between study and local missions. This might be serving our community or even our church. Meets Sunday mornings at 11am at the Winsted House near the south parking lot.
  • Burtons – Chris and Shelley lead a group of young couples and parents with children / infants. Meet in Hutto on  Sundays at 3 pm.
  • Canets – Chick (with Bill) lead an intergenerational group of couples for support and fellowship.  Meet at the church on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm.
  • Lewis – Joy and Kevin lead a blended age group of couples with teenagers or any age children.  Meet in Round Rock on Tuesdays at 7 pm.
  • McGraw – Alan leads a group of (mostly men) who love hunting and outdoor sports.  They will gather to talk about hunting, eat what they’ve hunted, and possibly hunt together. Meet on Monday evenings in Round Rock at 6:30 pm.
  • Powell – Karah leads a group of singles, mostly over 40 years old. They will meet to support each other and enjoy fellowship and attend some events together.  Meet Thursday evenings in Round Rock at 6:30 pm.
  • Scotts – Dave and Brenda lead a group of mission-minded couples and singles who will meet for support and fellowship.  Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm in Georgetown.
  • Sherman – Wes and Jo lead an intergenerational group of couples and singles with a focus on spiritual growth and fellowship.  Meet on Mondays at 7 pm in Cedar Park.
  • Birkholz-Stuart – Jennie and Chris lead a group of parents with young children in Round Rock.  Meet Sundays at 5 pm.
  • Cotton – Will and Tina lead a group of couples and singles in study, support and fellowship.  Sunday evenings in Round Rock at 6 pm.
  • McCain – Pat and Monica meet a group of couples in Pflugerville on Thursday evenings at 7 pm.