Disciple Bible Study

Long and short term DISCIPLE Bible Study classes begin in August and September!

Registration is open for these long-term classes!

DISCIPLE I – Becoming Disciples through Bible Study – Thursday evenings, 6:30 pm, beginning September 12.

This first study in the Disciple program is a twenty-four week journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  The first half of the course is devoted to the Old Testament and the second half covers the New Testament.  This is where the journey begins. Registration fee is $50.

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DISCIPLE II – Into the Word, Into the World – Wednesday mornings, 9:30 am beginning September 11.

This twenty-four week study is available to those who have completed Disciple I, encouraging people to hear what God has to say to them through the Bible and to be guided into their particular ministry in the world by study of Scripture. Four books are studied:  Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts. Registration is $50.

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DISCIPLE IV – Under the Tree of Life – Wednesday evenings, 6:30 pm beginning August 28.

This thirty-two week study concentrates on the Writings in the Old Testament (Ruth, 1 & 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Lamentations, Daniel).  New
Testament Scriptures include the Gospel of John; 1, 2, 3 John; James; Jude; Revelation.  Emphasis is on worship and living toward completion—the promise pictured in Revelation.
Registration is $60.

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Registration is open for these short-term classes:

Invitation to Genesis 10 week (11 including orientation) study – Wednesday mornings at 9:30 beginning September 4 or Monday evenings at 6:30 beginning September 9

“In the beginning . . .” These words may be among the most familiar words in all the Bible. Genesis is the book that describes the beginning of all things: the Creation – but this is only part of the story! The creation of the world only takes up the first two chapters of a fifty-chapter book. This study approaches the Book of Genesis not simply as a story of the beginning but as a story of beginnings from start to finish. Listen afresh to the witness of this opening book of the Hebrew Bible and to understand more clearly God’s purpose in beginning to form a people with the likes of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, and Jacob and Esau.
Registration is $25.

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