DISCIPLE Bible Study

Short term DISCIPLE Bible Study classes begin in January and March!


Registration is open for these short-term classes:

Invitation to John 11 week (12 including orientation) study – Wednesday mornings at 9:30 beginning January 15

In its wisdom, the early church chose to keep four Gospel accounts of the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Three of these Gospels are very similar to each other in both what they tell about the story of Jesus and how they tell it. However, the Gospel of John stands apart. In it, we find Jesus speaking not in parables but in lengthy discourses. We overhear Jesus talking with Nicodemus, a Samaritan woman, and Mary Magdalene. We marvel at Jesus turning water into wine, calling Lazarus from the tomb, and washing his disciples’ feet. We linger over Jesus’ great promises: “For God so loved the world….” “I am the bread of life….” “I am the resurrection….” “Peace I leave with you….” In the very first chapter of John’s Gospel, Jesus issues two invitations: “Come and see,” and “Follow me.” They echo the invitations of this eleven week study: to come and see this Jesus—to hear him speak, to see his signs—and to consider anew what it means to be his followers.
Registration is $25.

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Invitation to Romans 8 week (9 including orientation) study – Monday evenings at 6:30 beginning March 23

It is difficult to overstate the importance of Romans in Christian tradition. Some of the great formers and re-formers of church teaching were themselves formed by their reading of Romans. Paul’s teachings in Romans come to us mediated through the history of the church’s interpretations of his letter. The challenge of reading Romans, then, is to learn to have our own interpretive conversation with the text itself, in spite of centuries of commentary on the text. One of the aims of this eight week study is to invite us into conversation around several key themes: (1) Paul’s emphasis on communal salvation; (2) the centrality of God’s righteousness; and (3) the relationship between Jews and Gentiles and the relationship of both to God.

Registration is $25.

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