Bible Studies, Classes and Groups


Bible Studies

Two Summer 2018 studies: 

Acting Boldly: How the Acts of the Apostles Can Guide Today’s Church Through the Wilderness

5 week Sunday School Series begins on June 10, 9 :40 am in Bldg. 5-148. As a more in-depth follow-on to Bishop Lowry’s recent Pentecost sermon, this study is intended to take class discussions and considerations into uncharted territory…the wilderness if you will. Lead teacher Sam Kyzar (assisted by Ted Keller) will use Bishop Lowry’s new video series, Acting Boldly: How the Acts of the Apostles Can Guide Today’s Church Through the Wilderness. This study offers practical insights on how we as the church and individuals of faith can gracefully and boldly step into today’s world and remain fully faithful to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. All are welcome, no registration needed.

Does It Make Sense to Be a Christian?

Join us for a six-week study to begin on June 11 at 7 pm in Bldg. 5-136.  Learn about the evidence that backs up your faith and how that evidence gives you the ability to both defend and proclaim the reason for your hope in Jesus Christ.  Orientation will be on Monday, June 11, with six study sessions from June 18- July 29 (with Monday, July 2 off for the 4th of July).

Session 1 – The book of God’s words – The Bible
This session looks at the authenticity of Scripture; how the Bible was put together, confirmation from the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1st and 2nd-century manuscripts, how scripture was disseminated and the impossibility of corruption.
Session 2 – The book of God’s works – the message of God’s creation
An investigation of the evidence of the fine-tuning of the universe as well as the intricacies of the origin of life.
Session 3 – Who was Jesus? What do the Gospels say?
A review of the gospels to highlight Jesus’s proclamations of his messiahship.
Session 4 – Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?
What is the historical evidence for His death? What was the purpose of his sacrifice?
Session 5 – Why was the resurrection essential?
How do we know Jesus actually rose from the dead? What does that mean for us?
Session 6 – Grace! Grace! Grace!
What makes Christianity unique? How did God make it all come together? A look at how it all makes sense.
This class is filled.  Watch this space for the next offering!

Ongoing classes and studies

Brown Bag Theologians

A diverse group of people meet weekly on Tuesdays for lunch,  prayer and to discuss Scripture readings for the next Sunday, reflecting on the sermon’s topic and sharing insights. All are welcome.  Contact Dr. Will Cotton for more information.

Disciple Bible Study

Register now for DISCIPLE classes to begin this fall!  Here’s more information.

The Disciple Bible Study program is an in-depth study of God’s word which will deepen faith, increase Biblical knowledge, and prepare people for leadership in the church. Traditional (long term) classes begin in August and last 30-34 weeks. Disciple Course Descriptions long term.  Short Term classes begin in August and January and last 8-11 weeks. Disciple Course Descriptions short term. For more information, contact Felicia House or Rae Frenette.

Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Study

Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Study meets on Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. during the Join us as we explore the Bible through studies by Beth Moore and others.

The Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Study is on hiatus for the summer.

For more information and to find out when the next study begins, contact Denise Blomquist at

Wednesday Women’s Bible Study

Wednesday Women’s Bible Study meets on Wednesday mornings & evenings during the fall and spring.  The Wednesday groups meet at 9:30 am  and 6:30 pm in Bldg. 5-232.

The Wednesday Women’s Bible Studies are on hiatus for the summer.

For more info and to find out when the next study begins, contact Janet Reynolds.


Life Application Groups

Words to Live By

Studies of character traits that improve our lives are presented by James Lehrmann.  The studies address issues such as What Does God Expect From Me, Why is It Always God’s Fault, and What Does God Want Me to Be Up To and are scripture based, topical discussions.  Classes are offered various evenings of the week and are 6 – 8 weeks long.  Contact James Lehrmann for more information.

See the top of the page for this summer’s new study, beginning on June 11!


Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is a nine week class to help God’s people get finances under control. Step by step, national financial guru Dave Ramsey walks through a process to serve God’s kingdom by getting out of debt, saving an emergency fund, and ultimately creating wealth. The next class will be in 2018. Contact Rae Frenette at or 512-255-3336 for more information.


LifeGroups are small groups of up to 16 people who join to do Christian life together.  The most joyful Christian walk is done in community, where people share common faith, support each other, grow spiritually, and serve their neighbors together. They are covenant groups that are intentionally multiplying, that is, as a group meets its maximum size, members are trained and sent out to start new LifeGroups as the ministry grows.

LifeGroups may meet on Sunday mornings or weekday evenings, at the church or off campus.  Each meeting is 60-90 minutes with focus and content chosen by the group’s input.

Interested? Click here for more information


Methodists and What We Believe

Methodism 101

A series of 3 week classes on what it means to be a United Methodist.  Led by Rev. John Clifford, these classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:40 am several times per year.

Click here or contact John Clifford for more information.


Prayer and Spirituality

Prayer Labyrinth

A group of people who are interested in our church’s prayer labyrinth and how to extend its ministry to others is forming.  If you’d like to find out more about the Prayer Labyrinth Group, contact Dr. Will Cotton.