Garden of the Saints Columbarium


Garden of the Saints

What is the Garden of the Saints?

At First Church, our Garden of the Saints is a columbarium which is a wall of niches for urns that contain cremated human remains (cremains). Our Garden of the Saints also contains a memorial wall.

Columbaria have grown in numbers in recent years as more and more people are choosing cremation for disposition of final remains. While some public cemeteries have constructed columbaria, the vast majority of these facilities are located at churches. Our Garden of the Saints currently has 385 niches with the capability to expand based on interest and need.

What is the Cost of a Niche?

Niches can be purchased at a cost of $2,000 each. Each niche can accommodate two urns. These are commonly referred to as companion niches, typically a husband and wife, but other configurations are an option.

There will be an additional cost (currently $250) upon need (death) which includes a memorial granite faceplate, sheet bronze urn, urn identification plate.

Payment for the niches can be made directly to the First Church finance office or the niches can be purchased online through the First Church website in the online giving portion of the site under designated giving. Once the niche is purchased, an appointment with the church office can be made in order to select the location of the niche within the columbarium.

This cost does not include cost of cremation or other funeral home expenses.

What is the Memorial Wall?

In addition to the columbarium, the Garden of the Saints also includes a memorial wall. Stone wall plaques that match columbarium facing stone will be placed on the wall in memory of family members who do not choose the columbarium option but wish to be part of the garden. The memorial wall will also be available to memorialize former members and/or loved ones who are already interred elsewhere. The cost for a memorial plaque is $750.

Where is the Garden of the Saints located?

The Garden of the Saints is located just south of the main worship Sanctuary adjacent to the labyrinth and the prayer garden. This is a lovely and tranquil site to memorialize loved ones.