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Disaster Response Team Blog Post #1: Coastal Bend Callout, October 22-24, 2017




We arrived Sunday evening to a warm welcome at the FUMC-Corpus Christi.  It’s a beautiful church.

This church has been hosting Response Teams since just after Harvey hit.  They had cots, pillows, and blankets; fresh fruit and snacks all the time; and all the bug spray you could want.


Morning Briefing

Monday morning found us up early to receive our morning briefing.

Our team consisted of two from FUMC-Round Rock and four from FMC-Mansfield.  We were joined by two from the local area and another seven people from Leawood, Kansas.




Our marching orders sent us to Flour Bluff, a nearby community.  The homeowner’s house had sustained significant roof and flood damage. An earlier team had already tarped the roof, but there was major damage to the kitchen, including a ruined ceiling, insulation, lights, and mold in the wall. We helped the homeowner remove her personal items from the kitchen, pulled down ceiling and insulation, and the drywall from the outside wall.  We cleared the kitchen, helped pack up her belongings, and picked up trash and roof tiles from the yard.



It all added up to a huge pile of trash. Pile of Trash






Before we left, the homeowner asked to say a blessing over the team.

Homeowner's Blessing



Back of the Chicken CoopNext day started about the same.  We received an assignment in Refugio, Texas, about an hour’s drive from our host church. The property was rural ranchland, home to an 85-year old woman and her homebound 63-year old daughter.  Harvey had brought down a number of trees, including a big ash tree that fell on the homeowner’s chicken coop.


Bringing down the treenThe homeowner told us that she lost the chickens in the hurricane, but she plans to restock once the coop is fixed. To finally clear the chicken yard, we had to take down the remaining tree trunk, but there was an electrical line in the way.  The whole team pitched in to “steer”.


Broken limbWe had a bit more time after the chicken yard was cleared, so we took care of a number of downed trees and broken branches.  This one was particularly worrying.  The branch broke off 25 feet up.  Another windy day could see it come down on someone’s head.





FlowersAt the end of the day, the daughter had this to say, “I hope God opens a window and just pours out blessings on you all.”




TeamFUMC-Round Rock Disaster Team Responders Trisha Seguin and Brenda Scott, joined by FMC-Mansfield member, Wayne Watkins, pictured with the homeowner and her daughter.