Commission on a Way Forward

A Way Forward

In February, our denomination will gather in a special General Conference in St. Louis, to consider the church’s positions on same-sex marriage and ordination. It is called the report from “The Commission on a Way Forward.” The debate over these issues is nearly as old as the United Methodist Church itself. In most very large churches, there is a difference of opinion on these issues (as is the case at First Church). Yet, amidst that diversity of strongly held opinion, we have great love for each other and a powerful ministry together that reaches people locally, regionally and internationally. We are a united Body of Christ, even in times of great disagreement.

Presentations have been made on “A Way Forward” to all of our administrative committees, United Methodist Women, United Methodist Men, two of our Sunday School classes and our staff. But we also wanted our church at large to be informed about what the issues and the options are. On January 27 at 4 pm we will hold an open session in our sanctuary and all are invited. You can read more “The Commission on a Way Forward” on the United Methodist Church website.