Current Sermon Series


Adults Say the Darnest Things!

Have you ever wondered why people say some of the things they do in difficult times?  Some are helpful, but many are not!  “Everything happens for a reason.”  “You must not have been praying right.”  “You must have some unforgiven sin that caused this.”  So how do we cope during difficult times and how can we be truly helpful to others when those things happen to them?  Surprisingly, one of the best places to get wisdom for those times comes from the sacred story of Job.  So during the month of May, the pastors are sharing Adults Say the Darndest Things.  As you can see from the titles below, we will be handling Job very creatively.  Watch for unique use of music and drama along with intriguing angles of preaching.  This is a series you will want to invite friends to, as it deals directly with some of life’s peskiest questions.

May 7

  • Sermon Title: “God and Satan Playing Craps”
  • Scripture: Job 1:1-12

May 14 – Mother’s Day

May 21

  • Sermon Title: “Target Practice – Are You the Target?”
  • Scripture: Job 16:1-12

May 28

  • Sermon Title: “My Redeemer Lives”
  • Scripture: Job 19:23-26

June 4

June 11

  • Sermon Title: “A Call Story – Could It Be Yours?”
  • Scripture: I Samuel 3:1-11