Current Sermon Series

Credo:  Keeping Your Faith in Unbelievable Times

Ours is a time when people are struggling for faith. People are struggling with what they believe in, how do they keep believing. We hear it in our young adults. They want to believe in a God who makes a difference. They know the God that they don’t believe in…a God of easy answers, a God tied to a particular political point of view. But they struggle with what kind of God they do believe in.

September 10

  • Sermon Title: “I Believe – Help My Unbelief”
  • Scripture: Mark 9:14-19

September 17

  • Sermon Title: “The Work of Your Fingers – Taking a Fresh Look at God in Creation”
  • Scripture: Psalm 8

September 24

  • Sermon Title: “Love with Skin On – Jesus and You”
  • Scripture: John 1:1­‐18

October 1

October 8

  • Sermon Title: “God-Breathed! – The Relevant Powerful Word”
  • Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:14-4:3

October 15

October 22

  • Sermon Title: “The Gospel According to You – The Most Persuasive Witness”
  • Scripture: Acts 26:9-20