Giving Matters Stewardship Campaign 2017

Giving Matters…You, God and your Money

by Dr. Will Cotton, Senior Pastor, and Ralph Snyder, Giving Matters Chair
As part of our Giving Matters campaign at First United Methodist Church, we wanted to reflect with you on the difference your generous contributions are making in 2017. We are glad to report that we are nearly $300,000 ahead of where we were at this time in 2016. This is partly due to payment of interest only on our sanctuary note from the budget and partly due to better funding overall. (All designated monies toward the sanctuary note have been applied to principal.) We are also pleased to report that we have paid off the Columbarium note, raised $84,000 in our First Match Campaign, $64,000 in Hurricane Harvey Relief, and sent Katie Meek off to Sierra Leone with outstanding support. Here is an overview of how we have done in 2017 (numbers reflect 2017 budget).

Engage Ministries: Worship – $299,370, Fellowship and Care – $63,383

  • Worship Ministries include the music ministry. We have 17 individual groups including vocal, handbells, adult, youth and children choirs, orchestra, organ, piano, etc., that serve weekly and on special occasions. Nearly 300 people serve in these ministries, leading us to the throne of grace every week. Additionally, the hospitality teams are supported through this ministry: Andrew Ministry, Welcome Home, Parking Posse, Greeters, and Ushers.
  • Fellowship and Care Ministries include all the women’s and men’s ministries, senior ministries, and recreational ministries, along with Stephen Ministry, support groups, and meals and visitation for those who have lost loved ones or are homebound.

Through our continuing support for staff, curriculum, and supplies, we look forward to an even more exciting year of ministry in 2018.

Transform Ministries: Children’s – $134,067, Student – $129,604, Adult Christian Education – $45,500

  • Children’s Ministries include Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, J-Team, early childhood and nursery care, and our support role for Council Oak Preschool. Children’s Ministry reaches more than 700 children and families every year.
  • Student Ministries include Sunday School and Fusion (Sunday worship & learning), midweek Bible Studies, Retreats and Local/Regional/International Mission Trips. Hundreds of youth were able to participate in life-altering support missions from helping to build wheelchair ramps for people in need to rebuilding walls in response to Hurricane Harvey. The Disciple Now weekend drew more than 250 youth. Forty-four youth were confirmed. The greatest highlight was Camp Eagle in which our Senior High and Middle School youth grew deeper in their faith and became more enthusiastic disciples of Christ.
  • Adult Christian Education includes Sunday School, Bible studies, and four new LifeGroups which were launched in 2017.

Our goal is to be one of the most innovative training centers for the gospel of Christ in our region so that people of all ages are equipped for transforming ministry beyond the walls of our Church. Your commitment for 2018 will help make that happen.

Send Ministries: Witness and Mission – $277,670
This ministry includes evangelism, justice ministries (reaching out to those hurting in our community) and our Villages. Broadening our front door through key special outreach events and helping people become fully involved in ministry at First Church are high priorities. The major highlight for 2017 was the expansion of our villages.
  • The Greater Round Rock Village has been exploring new ways for our congregation to be in partnership with others in our community for the greatest impact.
  • The You the Body Village continues to grow as people and groups are inspired by God’s Spirit, with the Harvey Relief effort being a beautiful response that continues to develop.
  • The Panama Village has become an international village that now includes Sierra Leone, with our own Rev. Katie Meek as the sponsored missionary.
This ministry also includes our commitment to conference and other missional requests beyond the budget. So, for 2018 we can see this ministry growing right along with our deepening heart for outreach in the name of Christ!
Facilities: Maintenance, Utilities and Property Upkeep and Improvement – $591,840 (Facilities) $328,293 (Debt Service–Interest Only)
One of the first things guests remark about is the beautiful buildings and grounds at First Church: our inspiring sanctuary, our multi-purpose Family Life Center, our Christian education and small group classrooms, and historic Payne Cottage. The impact on those who are touched and equipped by ministry in these facilities is surprisingly great. The preventative maintenance, replacement of first-generation equipment and regular upkeep is a large, but very important, part of our budget. The continued support of the maintenance, staff and grounds keeping ensures that we are a growing and life-changing church.
Administration – $642,625
Last, but definitely not least, is the administrative ministry that runs the church! More than just paper and supplies, this ministry supports our pastors, administrative staff, and our communications ministry. This includes everything from salaries, FICA and worker’s comp, to finance and equipment to support them daily. The ongoing support of our administration is crucial for us to continue to grow First Church as well as our villages.
As you can see, your giving really does matter! We believe that 2018 will be a banner year for ministry at First Church. Our Vision Core Team will be presenting our Strategic Master Plan and teams will be launched to carry it out. It will be important that ministry is well-funded so that what we envision together becomes a reality. Accompanying this narrative budget is a pledge brochure. Prayerfully consider what you will give and bring your commitment to worship with you. Thanks in advance for your part in the life-changing, world-changing ministry of Christ at First Church!

Commitment Sundays: November 19 and 26

In worship services on November 19 and 26, we will receive commitments. Please take time to prayerfully consider what God is leading you to give for the life-changing ministry that happens through First United Methodist Church Round Rock. Tina and I look forward to making our commitment with you, which will be a tithe (10%) of our income. If you are able, I would invite you to join us in doing that. We hope that everyone will join in the journey of percentage giving, beginning where you can. You will find it to be a great financial and spiritual blessing. Commitment brochures will be given out in the worship services. You also can make your commitment online through the myFirstChurch platform. It’s easy…just follow these steps.

  • myfirstchurchhotbuttonLog in to myFirstChurch, or if you don’t already have an account, click here for complete details about how to establish your myFirst Church account.
  • Once you have logged into your account, go to My Overview on your homepage.
  • Scroll down below the calendar to a box titled My Giving Summary.  In the lower right corner, click on the button marked Pledge Now.
  • When the pledge page opens, you may enter the amount, fund, frequency, and dates for your pledge. When finished, click Save or Save and Set-up Online Gift.

If you need assistance, contact Tricia Gossett at 512.255.3336.