Panama Village


Santiago, Panama

The Santiago Panama village is mission and relationship building that we do in connection with the ministry of Mission Panama (United Methodist Volunteers in Mission) under the leadership of Missionaries Rev. David and Cindy Ceballos.


  • Dollars raised to support missionary medical efficiency and impact
  • Medical Mission Trips

Church Planting

  • Construction Mission Trips
  • Dollars raised to support completion of church building at Punta Delgadita Church in Santiago, Panama.
  • Dollars raised to support new ministry initiatives at Punta Delgadita.

Environmental Education and Advocacy

  • Dollars raised to support missionary efforts to advocate for and educate the poor in Santiago, Panama and the surrounding areas.
  • Educating local poor on self-sufficiency, health, and environmental understanding.

Mission Panama Trip – August 25- September 2, 2018 

Our fourth Adult Mission Panama trip will be August 25 – September 2, 2018! We will return to Santiago, Panama to work with Missionaries David and Cindy Ceballos. We are sending 17 adults, including one person from Hamburg, New York!  To find out about future trips, contact Jennifer Glasgow,


About Mission Panama

Missionaries Rev. David and Cindy Ceballos established VIM Panama in the early 2010’s with a vision to “Transform Panama through Christian Love in Action by bridging the global body of Christ”.  “VIM Panama is a global mission program of the United Methodist Church located in the country of Panama. It seeks to bridge the global body of christ through short-term mission volunteers engaging in the cultural context of Panama and the Iglesia Evangelica Metodista de Panama (IEMPA)”.  Mission Panama is one of The Villages of First Church.

Support the Mission

Financial support of Mission Panama is encouraged.  All donations will go to the work of building the church and caring for the struggling communities in and surrounding Santiago, Panama.  You can set up a one-time or recurring donation through the church office.  If you would like to give by check through the church, simply indicate in the memo field “Mission Panama” and place it in the offering plate during worship. Text giving is now available for Mission Panama.  Text FUMCRR Panama to 73256 to give to the Mission Panama fund using your text messaging. Standard text messaging rates may apply.


Want to help this year’s team?

We are collecting over-the-counter items to take with us in support of the local community.  Please bring your items in the original, unopened packaging to the church and leave them in the bins in the sanctuary foyer, the Family Life Center foyer, or the church office. These are the items we are collecting:

Tylenol liquid
Ibuprofen liquid
Benadryl liquid
Claritin liquid
Zyrtec liquid
Hydrocortisone cream
Lotrimin (generic) cream
Adult multivitamins
Artificial tears
And, you can pick up your Mission Panama prayer bracelet (for a small donation) at worship services on August 12 and 19!