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First Church produces two weekly sermon podcasts, one for each preacher’s sermon.  You will also find occasional special podcast series that go along with a particular sermon series or church focus.  And occasionally, we use the podcast format to make special announcements of a church-wide nature.

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Our podcast updates weekly with new sermons.  You can subscribe through iTunes or by following us on Soundcloud.  Be on the lookout for a special Podcast Series as they come up!

2017 Lenten Podcast Series – What Actually Happened on the Cross?

Check out the First Church Podcast for a four-week series on what actually happened on the cross. What did Jesus accomplish with his death? How was God’s power shown? How do we relate to sin and evil now that the cross has happened? Did Jesus have to be raised for the cross to be complete? Most people say that Jesus died for my sins. What does that mean? And does that tell the whole story?