Disciple Now 2018

DNow 2018: Thirsty

“I am the bread of life.  He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”

John 6:35

DNow 2018 Registration

What is DNow?

Disciple Now or D-Now is a weekend for our youth full of worship, spiritual growth, community service, and fun with their friends and even some new ones. It’s all led by people who love the Lord and want to pour into the lives of our youth. We’ll be spending the night in homes of our very own church members and led by young adults and college leaders who are living out there faith.  During our evening rallies we will be led in worship by Tyler Murphy.  Our speakers are Keta and Edward from Somebody Cares Ministry in Malawi, Africa.  This is a great event to invite friends!

Disciple Now is a spiritual retreat for students that many denominations and churches across the nation participate in.  Students will stay in host homes with students of the same age and gender.  Each host home will have between 8-10 students on average and will be led by two college or young adult leaders.  In the evenings they will participate in rallies in the Family Life Center at First United Methodist Church, Round Rock.  During the weekend retreat the leaders will guide the students through small group bible study.  On Saturday the students will participate in a mission opportunity and have recreation time with their host home groups.  The event concludes on Sunday morning at our 9:40am worship service, “Crossroads.”  We will have a meeting on Wednesday, February 21st  from 7:00pm-8:00pm in the Family Life Center with all host families, parents and students. 

When is DNow?

February 23-25, 2018


$60 by Feb. 4th/ $70 after Feb. 4th. ($150 max for one family). We never want a student to not participate because of financial burdens.  Please contact Jodi Marfell at jodi@fumc-rr.org if you are interested in a partial or full scholarship.


You can register online by following the link below and paying by credit card, or you can stop by the Student Ministries Office and register to pay by check or cash.

DNow 2018 Registration

What if my student has another commitment that weekend but would like to participate?

We understand that there will be other obligations that students have committed to during the week and we still encourage them to participate.  You can pick them up when needed and bring them back.  At the parent meeting we will have parents fill out “time away” cards for any students that will need to leave and return during the event.

How Can I Help?

There will be many opportunities for parents to assist during this event.  The primary role parents will play is helping with transportation and providing some food for the host homes.  Information on these items will be sent out one to two weeks before the event.