Men’s Softball

Play Ball…join the First Church Men’s Softball Team!

Who wants to play softball? We are recruiting for a team to play in a softball league (slow pitch underhand). All ages, sizes and skill levels are welcome. The games will be at the McMaster Athletics Complex in Georgetown on Mondays evenings beginning July 24. The league goes for 8 weeks.
Why join the team? Christian fellowship and fun…plus a little exercise. Bring the family to the games! It’s a great atmosphere for kids and fun.
If you’d like to play, contact Mike Hahn-Conti, or765-969-7929.
  • The cost is $35 dollars per player, and we will try to purchase team shirts within that budget once umpire fees are paid to the league.
  • We need 13 players, but 12 at minimum (per team)
  • Registration closes July 10! So hurry hurry!
  • If people register late, it will be $45 instead of $35, and we can’t sign anyone up after July 16.
  • If we pick up 25 people or more, we will execute two teams, etc.

Click here for more information on the league. 

Click here for a schedule of current games and standings.