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We are offering both morning and evening short-term classes:


Short-term classes:

Invitation to the New Testament – Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am, beginning January 10

Explore the writings of the New Testament using the story of Jesus as the starting point. This survey of the testament looks at how the early church took ownership of and was shaped by the story of Jesus and how the church learned how to develop as disciples and create communities of faith.  In the weekly video segments, listen as scholars fascinate you with facts and information that opens new understanding and enlightenment for your group. In the second video, sit in on a table conversation between guest scholars and debate key issues in the text. Classes are 2 hours in length, and the session lasts 8 weeks (9 including orientation).

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Invitation to John – Monday evenings at 6:30 pm, beginning January 8

In its wisdom, the early church chose to keep four Gospel accounts of the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Three of these Gospels are very similar to each other in both what they tell about the story of Jesus and how they tell it. However, the Gospel of John stands apart. In it, we find Jesus speaking not in parables but in lengthy discourses. We overhear Jesus talking with Nicodemus, a Samaritan woman, and Mary Magdalene. We marvel at Jesus turning water into wine, calling Lazarus from the tomb, and washing his disciples feet. We linger over Jesus great promises: For God so loved the world…. I am the bread of life…. I am the resurrection…. Peace I leave with you…. In the very first chapter of John’s Gospel, Jesus issues two invitations: Come and see, and Follow me. They echo the invitations of this study: to come and see this Jesus-to hear him speak, to see his signs-and to consider anew what it means to be his followers.  Classes are 2 hours in length, and the session lasts 11 weeks (12 including orientation).

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Invitation to the Psalms – Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm, beginning January 9

The human emotions expressed in the Book of Psalms rise to peaks of joy and descend into valleys of despair. In the Psalms, the promise of the reign of God meets the historical experience of God’s people. Faith in God’s faithfulness collides with human experiences of pain and suffering, enslavement, oppression, and exile. God’s people–given voice in the Psalms–struggle to make sense of who God is and who they are, and in so doing they have composed a collection of moving testimonies of grace, glory, sorrow, and beauty unmatched in sacred literature.When we read, hear, and pray the Psalms, we stand in texts that struggle mightily between the great promises of God and the sense of our own great need. This study will serve as a guide to this experience, inviting us to engage the Psalms at the deepest levels of our hearts, to plumb the depths of our own experience of God where God’s faithfulness confronts the most challenging aspects of our lives, inviting us to ask, “Where are you, God?” and inviting us to pray, “Great are you, O Lord, and greatly to be praised!”  Classes are 2 hours in length, and the session lasts 10 weeks (11 including orientation).

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