Disciple Bible Study

Register now for Short Term Disciple Bible Study classes to begin in January, 2017!

Short term classes beginning in January are now registering!

Invitation to the Old Testament – Monday evenings beginning January 9

Bill Canet, facilitator

This short term, 8 week (9 including orientation) discusses the story of God and God’s calling of the people of Israel through the biblical text, helping us to understand fully the story of God’s covenantal relationship with Israel.  Listen afresh to the witness of the Old Testament to hear God’s call and purpose for our lives and respond to that call.

There are no prerequisites for short term classes.Cost is $25.

Invitation to Genesis –  Wednesday morning beginning January 11

Dianne Gillory, facilitator

This short term, 10 week (11 including orientation) approaches the Book of Genesis not simply as a story of the beginning but as a story of beginnings from start to finish. Participants are invited to hear the witness of this opening book of the Hebrew Bible and to understand more clearly God’s purpose in beginning to form a people with the likes of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, and Jacob and Esau.

There are no prerequisites for short term classes. Cost is $25.


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