Adult Sunday School


Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School classes are an important component of finding a place to connecting and growing with others in our congregation. All of our classes welcome new people and would love to have you as their guest this Sunday. Visit several classes to see which best fits your needs and interests. If you don’t find what you are looking for, let us know if you are interested in helping to start a new class. Contact: Rae Frenette at or 512-255-3336. Classes meet at 9:40 am each Sunday morning in the Adkins Building 5. For class location, see room numbers listed below.

Christ Centered Conversations

A small group consisting of couples who come together for Bible-based study, fellowship, and to build supportive Christ-centered relationships.  Location: Adkins Bldg 5-119. Contact Tom Manning for more information.

F.I.S.H. – Families in Service to Him

A class for couples with young children and babies who enjoy topical studies, mission, and social events together. Location: Adkins Bldg 5-148. For more information, contact Chris and Katy Davenport or Paul and Sarah Stribling.

Friends and Seekers

A class with couples roughly 25 years to 50+ seeking a relationship with Jesus to better understand God’s role in their lives. Studies include Bible study, parenting, and marriage on a rotating basis. New 6-week study begins June 11:  Love to Stay by Adam Hamilton. Falling in love is easy, but staying in love takes courage, hard work, and lots of grace! Through a guidebook, DVD, and discussion we’ll explore how, with God’s help, we can create and sustain healthy, meaningful romantic relationships across the course of a lifetime. All are welcome. Join us! 

Location: Bldg. 5-232. Contact Kelly Harwick for more information.

Friends in Faith

This class is for couples with a wide age range of children who want to walk together as friends in the faith journey to build strong Christ-centered families while deepening faith through Bible study, service, support, and fellowship. Location: Adkins Bldg. 5-123. Contact Mendy Barnett for details.

Good News Class

For adults 40 to 100 that focuses on the Bible and how it relates to contemporary issues. Primarily a lecture followed by class discussion. Location: Adkins Bldg. 5-122.  Contact Myra Schomburg for more information.

Journey in Faith

A class for adults and seniors who primarily study the Bible, with periodic seasonal or short-term studies. This group hosts occasional fellowship activities, potlucks and game nights. Location: Adkins Bldg. 5-127. Contact Rich Thompson for details.

One in the Spirit

For (mostly) single adults 50 and up who focus on the Bible and spiritual book studies with dynamic discussion including a wide variety of views and topics. The group goes to lunch together most Sundays and hosts other frequent social activities. Location: Adkins Bldg.  5-124.  For more information, contact Richard Berkley.

Open Door Class

A class for adults 50 and up who discuss various topics including Bible studies, spiritual growth, discipleship and current events. Location: Adkins Bldg. 5- 126. For more information, contact Carla Walrath.

Paths to Positive Living

Adults of all ages and stages who are looking for a way to dig deeper into life and faith around the theme of living faithfully through positive living. The class generally does 5 – 8-week studies on a variety of topics. Current study: In their series, Plenty Good Room, Marilyn Thornton and Lewis Baldwin combine an in-depth look at Scripture, American history, and the music of six African American spirituals. Be inspired this Lenten season by studying deep spiritual truths in such spirituals as “This Lonesome Valley,” “Plenty Good Room,” and “Were You There?”.  Next Study begins April 8: Half Truths, by Adam Hamilton. Everything happens for a reason. God helps those who help themselves. God won’t give you more than you can handle. All true? Not so fast! These statements capture some element of truth, yet miss the point in important ways. In Half Truths, by Adam Hamilton, we will compare common Christian clichés to the message and ministry of Jesus.

Location/Time:  Sundays, 9:40, Bldg. 5-136. Contact Debby Utley ( for information. All are welcome. No registration needed. Just come!

Treaty Oak

A group of adults in their late 30’s through early 60’s that meets for leader-led Bible study and discussion. Location: Adkins Bldg. 5-146. For details, contact Brad Thorne.